DISCo 2019 Code of Conduct



This code of conduct policy has been introduced to outline expectations of acceptable behaviour and the responsibilities of organisers and attendees during the Interdisciplinary Digital Culture and Society Conference (DISCo) 2019 – the Digital Economy Network (DEN) Summer School, which will take place between 9 – 12 July 2019 at the Jubilee Conference Centre, Nottingham, UK. It applies to all attendees, organisers, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, workshop organisers, speakers and DEN/DISCo staff attending the event as well as in all online interactions facilitated by DISCo and the DEN in an official capacity including those on Facebook and Twitter.

DISCo seeks to foster a culture of inclusion, openness and as such everyone has a responsibility to behave in an inclusive, respectful and fair manner towards each other. If you believe that someone has breached this policy, please follow the complaints procedure below. We have appointed a Diversity Champion who will oversee this policy as well as diversity and inclusion throughout the event.


We expect participants to treat each other with respect and civility. No abuse, whether verbal, physical or otherwise will be tolerated. This includes unwanted name-calling, physical contact, online harassment, sexual advances etc. This includes any behaviours that you have been asked to cease, even if you think they are harmless. Specific examples are included below.


At DISCo, we seek to proactively include and welcome people with a variety of backgrounds and identities. These include race, sexuality, gender, gender identity, disability, cultural background, religion, social and economic class, and physical appearance. As such, any discriminatory behaviour is prohibited including discriminatory language, name-calling and preventing access to necessary facilities. Many of these identity traits are invisible and as such, participants should be careful not to assume identity traits when talking to them and should never question someone’s right to access facilities. Participants have a duty to listen to the voices of these groups and not attempt to speak over or correct someone sharing their experiences. An example of discriminatory behaviour includes not speaking over people.


Participants at DISCo should feel able to attend the event without the fear of harassment. DISCo participants should be safe from:

  • Being stalked, followed or otherwise contacted when someone has asked them to stop
  • Unwelcome sexual attention or physical contact
  • Unwelcome comments on someone’s lifestyle choices
  • Having photos or videos taken of them without their consent. Photographs will be taken in an official capacity in order to document the event. There will be ways to signal to the photographers in advance that you do not want your photograph taken or your pictures published.

Professional Behaviour

DISCo seeks to promote a positive academic atmosphere for all its participants that promotes constructive dialogue and discourse. Participants should have a fair chance to be heard without sustained interruption and to be listened to empathetically. During social events, participants are expected to drink responsibly.


If you wish to report unacceptable behaviour, please talk to a member of DEN Staff, the DISCo Organisers or the DISCo Diversity Champion or contact them via the DISCo email at contact@den-disco.com.  

When receiving a complaint, we expect the organiser concerned to be respectful, believe what the complainant has said and, unless explicit permission has been granted, to keep the identity of the complainant anonymous and the information confidential.

The event staff and designated representatives may take any of the following actions they deem appropriate towards the participant, up to and including a temporary ban or permanent expulsion from the event without warning and without refund. These actions may include, but are not limited to:

  • A warning to cease their behaviour
  • Removal from the event (or individual talks/workshops with no refund
  • A ban from future DEN events, for a period of time or indefinitely
  • Revocation of leadership roles related to DEN events, programmes, committees and web platforms temporarily or indefinitely
  • Reporting behaviour to applicable and appropriate authorities.

In general, participants will be given a warning when unacceptable behaviour has been identified but more serious cases will require immediate action.


DISCo should seek to create inclusive and accessible spaces. This includes but is not limited to looking to provide sign language interpreters, creating documents in alternative formats and using physically accessible locations. Anyone wishing to talk about accessibility requirements should contact the DISCo Organisers via email at contact@den-disco.com.


If and when misunderstandings occur, people are encouraged to work things out between themselves where this is practical. Where support is beneficial to achieve this, participants should agree to ask for help. People are encouraged to take responsibility for their words and actions and listen to constructively-presented criticism with an open mind, courtesy, and respect. If people do not feel able to work out an issue between themselves, they are encouraged to seek advice of a third party to help mediate. For help mediating concerns, please contact or speak to the DISCo Diversity Champion.

If you have a harassment concern, wish to report a code of conduct violation, or need help resolving a conflict, please notify the event staff.


  • The DISCo Diversity Champion is Hazel Dixon and can be contacted at h.dixon4@ncl.ac.uk
  • The DISCo Chief Organiser is Felicia Black, Digital Economy Network Manager at the University of Nottingham and can be contacted at felicia.black@nottingham.ac.uk .


Parts of this Code of Conduct have been derived from the DrupalCon 2019 Code of Conduct (https://events.drupal.org/code-conduct).

Version 1 – Date: May 2019.