Call for Support

In order to ensure that DISCo is a highly valuable, beneficial, relevant and inclusive experience for all delegates and followers, the organisers are looking for vital support from the across the Network in the following areas:

  • Organisation, including tasks such as:
    • Keeping track of submissions
    • Communication with participants and stakeholders
    • Event delivery and logistics
    • Reaching out to potential sponsors and publishers
    • Managing the conference website
    • Designing printed materials about the conference (such as posters, or the program)
  • Community support
    • Act as a diversity champion, both in the organising committee and at the conference
    • Distribute the information about the conference, especially the call for papers and call for support
    • Digital Economy CDT/PhD students and staff to be advocates of the event, to be the ‘voice’ of their Centre, to help shape conference content and spread the word!
  • Peer review
    • Experienced academics to provide guidance for unexperienced reviewers
    • Volunteers to review the submissions to the conference (training to be provided)
  • Sponsorship: We would like to raise extra funds in order to:
    • Offer scholarships for non-funded presenters
    • Invite experts to hold workshops that teach new skills (at no extra cost to attendees)
    • Provide DISCo-themed marketing materials to increase our reach

If you would like to support us in any of these areas, or just in general, please get in touch at